Hey guys,

I sincerely apologize to anyone who reads this religiously. It's not like I updated it frequently, but I was better about writing things last year. I found that anytime I tried to start a blog [because there are SEVERAL drafts in my queue right now] I couldn't. I felt like I had lost my voice in my writing, I'm sorry, blogging, and I felt like I was forcing it. So, I went on a hiatus.

I didn't know that I would completely skip the whole fall semester wrap up, my dish about TMEA, or the road to UIL. So, here's the scoop.

Fall semester: was great. The cool thing about being a second year teacher, trying things and failing gracefully is that you try things and you completely mess them up, BUT THEN YOU GET A SECOND CHANCE AT IT.
AKA, Fall Concert vs. Winter Concert: The Fall Concert had me down for the count, but I fought back and won. I learned my lesson the hard way and our Winter Concert was better. WHOO! Progress!

TMEA: was great! I got to see a lot of friends, hear some BEAUTIFUL music, and learned some things.

Long story short, I should say 'no' more, but I really do love doing things for my colleagues and challenging myself and I did just that. I drove myself a little crazy, but things worked out the way they should have thanks to the incredible people that I get to work alongside. My colleagues, administration, and the incredibly patient judges we had made all of it worthwhile. BUT I told myself that if I ever write a book (Yes, I have a title for it already, don't judge me), I will have a chapter called, "The Times I Should Have Said, 'No.'"

Pre-UIL life: was difficult. If you were wondering, yes, I wrote a blog about it. I titled it "My Love/Hate Relationship with UIL". It's safe to say that everyone felt the same way I felt. Stressed, nervous, lacking tons of sleep- completely normal. But Post-UIL life is GREATT!!! My sincere apologies to anyone reading this and hating me for gloating, but you will get here soon, my friends, and life will be grand no matter the outcome. 

The great thing about that statement above is that I said it and I actually mean it, but man- it took me forever to get here. And I'd be lying if I said that next year won't entail me going through the same stressful, awful times when UIL hits. I hate that it makes me crazy.

Life in general: has been a bit of a whirlwind. I'm planning a move and I'm missing my family more than ever. I'm doing a lot of thinking and I'm kind of freaking about a lot. What exactly? I don't really know. It's safe to say I'm not handling it in the best way, but I'll get there.

Tack on the responsibility of looking after all of the children, getting 3 ensembles ready for contest, and preparing a 6th grade Pop Show the Tuesday after Spring Break (I know I'm an idiot) and you've got a recipe for one crazy Ms. Reed, but I'm better. I don't think I knew how much I needed a break until this break came. By the end of last week, I could feel myself unraveling. It's safe to say that Spring break came at the best time. 

Thanks for reading,

Ms. Reed

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