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That MS UIL Life

Hi, friends!
My dear friend Emily and I have been talking about our experiences in the classroom. UIL prep is crazy and quick and the general consensus is that there is no time. Literally. Here's the nice thing about living with another choir director-- we share the good and the bad. You can be passionate, frustrated, and honest. I love it.

Mostly because it's a reminder that we all struggle. My students AND myself are included in that statement. 
My students struggles include: 
Being completely oblivious of upcoming datesLack of focusLack of sleepMy struggles include: Knowing all too well how many days we have until Pre-UIL/UILLack of sleepLack of focusWanting to move too quickly and my kiddos aren't really readyThat nagging feeling that nothing is fun because WE HAVE TO SIGHT READ AND SING AND IT ALL HAS TO SOUND GOOD AND WHY ARE YOU TALKING RIGHT NOW? WE HAVE SO MUCH TO DO!!!!You get it, right?
Here's the thing I have to tell myself over and over again...and I'm sure …

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