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2016 Rewind: 5 Good Things...

Y'all. 2016 was ROUGH. Like, real rough. 
I could list several things about this year, but I won't. 
You know.
I know.
We all know why this year was the epitome of the word "struggle".
And yes, this year had lots of downs, but I want to focus on the ups...specifically, the ups in my own life. Yes, it might be selfish, but this is my blog, so....
5 Good Things That Happened for Me in 2016
1. I faced my anxiety head on. I had some help from my roommate who encouraged me (she told me...several times, like all the time, really) to go to the doctor to talk about the issues I was facing. It was not easy for me. Mostly because I am hard-headed and it took my body refusing to cooperate for me to take care of myself, but I did it. That counts for something, right?
2. I took a chance and chopped my hair off. This might not seem like much, but my goodness, I debated so much about whether or not I should. Let me back up and give you a brief history about my self-esteem and how my hair…

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