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I feel selfish. I feel anxious. Confused. Helpless.
All of these thoughts and feelings have been with me for months, but with Hurricane Harvey looming and dumping water all over my city, these feelings feel like they've been polished.
Depression and anxiety is not something that is new to me. My friends know that, some of my family knows that, and that has been enough. I don't really need to publish anything to make that known to the world, but what I'm feeling right now has to be written somewhere and shared with someone...anyone.
I feel selfish. Anxious. Confused. Helpless.
I felt this way on Monday of this week. Selfish because I'd rather be home, sleeping in. Anxious because I was meeting new kids, learning new names, hopefully making my class fun. Confused because the first day was a whirlwind. Helpless because I knew I needed support and guidance. I just didn't know how to ask for it. All of these feelings stayed, but a glimmer of hope seeped in with the com…

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