12 1/2 days. We have 12 1/2 days of school left. 

I am thrilled, but also insanely tired. I know that all of us teachers are singing the same tune! (See what I did there!?! Because I'm a choir director?!?! HAHAHAHAH I'm the worst. I'm sorry.) But seriously, we're all tired, I know. It makes no sense for me to write a post about how tired I am. If I could stop sending emails, updates, entering grades, etc...I would in a heartbeat, but we must push on. 

Soon, things will calm down, but I still have a Pop Show on Thursday and a 6th grade field trip to get through this week. Then it'll be finals and soon we'll be done. I know I'm ready for summer, but this countdown is scary. I'm quick to think of all of the down time I'll soon have, but also the dozens of things to check off my to-do list. A big one on the list is moving to my own apartment- WHAT? So, naturally, I'm thinking of all of THOSE things and not the last few days that I have left with my kiddos, so I've compiled a FINAL COUNTDOWN list below.


1. Remember to have fun. I'm bad at this. I constantly think of the next event or concert, so I've gone a bit crazy. I have had to stop myself several times and be like, "WHOA REEDAH, you're too much right now." That usually calms me down. Usually.

2. Reflect. Seriously. Sit down with your students and get their input. They want to talk about the good stuff...and maybe the bad, but still. LISTEN. My students really enjoyed being heard and sharing stories. 

Also, give yourself time to reflect on your year. I had the chance to talk with my AP during my summative evaluation and it was so great! You did great! Go you!!

3. Say thank you. You made it this year with help from someone. In my case, I made it through with help from my mentors, colleagues, administrators, the awesome ladies in the front office, our coaches, my booster club, parents, students- the list is long, you guys. Find some way to say thank you to those who made your year successful. I plan on going on a baking rampage one weekend, raiding my stationery collection, and having students help me out. 

4. Prepare for next year. This is a no-brainer, right? Prepare the best way you can in the small amount of time you have. Yes, you will work during the summer, but be sure to ask, borrow, and steal (with permission, you crazies!) really great ideas. Figure out what worked for others and adapt. 

5. Prepare yourself for the amount of feels you're going to feel. Last year I felt like I had Niagara Falls streaming from my face. The start of the year was rough, but we became a family and so many of my 8th graders figured out that I wasn't the worst. I learned a lot. I love way too hard on my students and this year is going to be even worse. I can feel it. I've become Reedah and "like a sister/mother" to most and it's going to be a little hard to say goodbye to my 8th graders. We have achieved some incredible things this year and I know I'll miss them tons. 

The cool thing about where I work is that I can walk over to the high school that's attached to see some of my kiddos who are taking choir, but it still gets crazy when students start coming by to say bye on the last day, drop off gifts, thank you for everything you've done for them, yada yada yada feelings. If I'm being honest, the feels will probably hit me at Pop Show. I'm not ready.

Well, there you go. That's my FINAL COUNTDOWN list! 

I hope you all have a great rest of the year!

Thanks for reading,

Ms. Reed 

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