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It's no secret that all of the teachers are rejoicing because summer break is here! It's a good time to relax, binge-watch seasons of every single show you love, and travel. Maybe it's a stay-cation, a road trip across America, or maybe you're going abroad. Either way, I'm extremely proud of you. You deserve this time! 

My issue with summer break is...different. I love summer! Time to sit, catch up on tv, fall in love with new shows, see friends and family, and also worry about all of the stuff that needs to get done for the next year. 

I understand what summer is-- freedom. A chance to finally relax and catch up on sleep and I have done some of that, but the anxious Jasmine is constantly thinking about what I should be doing. Work.

Lesson planning, selecting music for my ensembles, re-writing the handbook, decorating bulletin boards and the like. I am always thinking about how much everyone else might have done for the next school year, rather than actually taking time to recuperate from the hustle and bustle of the previous school year. Basically, I have a difficult time relaxing.

Thankfully, the past few days have been exactly what I need:
Friday- I had the chance to hang out with one of my best friends and the Vocal Chair for our Region. Ashley and I originally made plans to meet to discuss things for our Region and it turned into a get-stuff-done-day/ hang out/ craft day. With her help, I managed make the most adorable donut pillow. It's a huge Pinterest win! (Picture below!)

Monday- Yesterday, my best friend and college roomie came into town and she's here until THURSDAY! I am thrilled for the chance to hang out with my soul sister. Today was so eventful! Lauren and I had lunch at The Hobbit Cafe, ate ice cream at The Chocolate Bar, walked around Hermann Park, got lost in the Japanese Garden, had the most delicious macarons and coffee at Tout Suite, and had dinner with Lauren's sweet friend. (It's safe to say that we're basically doing a food tour of Houston...)

I didn't really have time to worry about all of the stuff that wasn't getting done with so much happening these past few days because I was busy, but it makes me crazy knowing that on any other day I'd feel useless because I wasn't actively working on something for my program when I have every right to do nothing.

I know I sound crazy. 

I know that it's normal for me to worry. (Right? Someone please tell me if I'm wrong.) Thing is, I'd like to enjoy my summer and not feel bad about not doing anything. 

I have time. Not tons, but I know that in between the days where I feel like I could pass out from laughing so much with friends or on days when I feel like I'm becoming one with my couch, I will find some time to prepare for #yearthree. So, here's to a #stressfreesummer.

I hope you all have an awesome one! 

Donut pillow WIN!
(Thanks Ashley!!)

Lauren being adorable in front of the coolest wall in Houston!

Japanese Garden selfie.

#macaronmonday at Tout Suite!

Thanks for reading,

Ms. Reed 

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