Hey...it's May?


Last time I posted something was....in January? It was about resolutions and I thought it was revolutionary. I was wrong. I also realize promising to blog more was ridiculous. This school year has flown and I am knee-deep in the "It's gonna be MAY" memes because it's a classic.

So, here's my attempt at catching you up on my life/teaching life:

1. I turned 26!!
2. I freaked out about UIL, naturally.
3. I had the chance to host really cool, chill times for my students. (Ladies PJ parties and Men's nights rule my life.)
4. My colleagues are amazing human beings that go above and beyond.

5. I realized that a Disney Pop Show for 6th grade was a genius idea and I could do that for the rest of my life if I had to.
6. I am...very good...at designing t-shirts...??
7. I survived UIL.
8. My students killed it at UIL and I am forever proud.

9. I really enjoy learning.
10. Trial and error is a real thing in MS choir and thankfully, there hasn't been a lot of error this year.
11. My family and friends are amazing.

12. My students are hilarious. 
13. Someone can successfully put on an 8th grade dance with the help of dedicated educators and parents. (Seriously. SO much help. So thankful.)
14. I joined a gym.
15. My sleep schedule is a mess.

So, life since January hasn't been that eventful. No crazy revelations or serious things taking place, but I blinked...forgot to blog for months (my bad, guys) and NOW it's May?!


We're almost done with this school year and students and teachers are all counting down the days until summer. I can't blame them. 
(Side note-- Whoever told me my third year of teaching would be significantly better than the first was right and wrong. It is awesome, but there have been so many obstacles...like, more than the first year. The cool thing is that I've learned to roll with the punches.)

My hope for you all is that you've learned to do the same. Hang in there, friends! 

We're so close.

Thanks for reading,



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