Last minute packing: TCDA Edition!

TCDA is tomorrow and you are correct in assuming by the title that I have not packed yet!

I have several friends who are already on their way to San Antonio to help set-up and settle in for this convention and what am I doing? Making poor life choices, like deciding to watch last night's Pretty Little Liars episode (even though it won't provide me with any 'A'nswers).

So, to help you (mostly me) get ready, here is my quick list of things you should do/pack if you're a procrastinator like me getting ready for TCDA:

1. Download the guidebook app. 
SERIOUSLY. Someone really amazing put the entire schedule in this handy place for us and it is so easy to keep track of everything that is happening for the 3-4 days we'll be at convention. It will help you sort out everything and plan. Also, you can take notes in the app. Technology is WILD and helpful, you guys! Download guidebook, search 'TCDA'. Done. You're welcome!

2. BE PREPARED. Wear good shoes. Bring your charger. Pack a light jacket because the convention center can sometimes feel like The Arctic. Bring a backpack to carry any books, catalogs, and the necessities you will need (Aleve, hand sanitizer, lotion, cash/debit cards, etc.) 

3. Take care of yourself. Recently, my body has made things extremely clear to me. If I don't care for it, it shuts down and forces me to slow my roll. I know that I will want to do ALL OF THE THINGS while in San Antonio, but it's important that I drink enough of water, get good sleeps- amidst all of the hustle and bustle of convention and try not to overdo it. 

4. Know your group. Find your people and plan. I have loads of friends and colleagues that I'm excited to see and gather tons of information with in sessions and concerts, but also...I'd like to see them OUTSIDE of the convention center. So, friends....let's make plans! I'm pretty sure this is what I'm most excited about! 

5. Get your ducks in a row. Make sure you've packed everything you need as far as comfortable clothes and a sensible pair of shoes, seriously. Have a slight panic attack about whether or not you pre-registered  and be sure to check your email where you'll find that email you have been looking for. (YOU DID PRE-REGISTER, THANK THE HEAVENS. Lord knows those lines can get crazy.) Know what hotel you'll be staying at and where you'll be parking. Prepare yourself for the 3-4 hour long trip by yourself. (Like I said, this list is mostly for me.)

Most importantly, get excited for the amazing things planned for us! The next few days in San Antonio will be filled with information that we all need to hear to help prepare for the next school year. This is going to be fun! 

Thanks for reading,

Ms. Reed 

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