I'm back...ish.

I know what you've been thinking. "Hmm. I haven't heard from Jasmine in a long time." I feel that and I apologize.

The school year started and I immediately forgot about all of the things I wanted to do with this blog. I've neglected it...it happens (and is happening again), unfortunately. Anytime I thought about writing a post, I had several excuses and I seriously could not, for the life of me, write anything. Everything was jumbled up and it still is...I'm being honest here.

I've been battling a lot and I'm always tired. I know this is nothing new for a teacher, but this feels...different.

The other day, while prepping our Commons for a school dance, my principal was talking about how tired everyone was and just how fed up students were. Before I knew it, I was spouting/shouting, "It's DEVOLSON. It's a thing. I promise." I then had to re-think that statement, back track, and tell him what that meant and where it came from. I'm sure he thinks I'm crazy, but I just blame it on DEVOLSON.

Also, my anxiety has been the most inconvenient obstacle. I feel like I've lost some control, but I'm trying to gain some of myself back. Today was especially difficult. Ask me how my morning was...or don't. Just don't. 

ANYWAY- what am I trying to say?

I don't know, but I miss this blog.

So, I'm back...ish.

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