WWYD: Manic Mondayz

Before my day even started, a friend of mine posted a status on FB that said, "It's the mondayist of Monday's." -Katie Richardson 

She was absolutely correct and I appreciate her honesty.

Nothing could have prepared me for today. 

It's that time of year, friends. Your students have convened and decided as a unit that they're going to be absolutely terrible in class. 

Was this meeting planned? Probably not. 
Is it happening despite your attempts to make class/life fun? Yes. 

It's okay! Who cares that you ended class in tears because you're frustrated and you feel awful?? I mean..I do care, but this happens and things will get better. I'm sure of it!

SO- This question is for those teachers that are in that same dark place with me right now OR you HAVE been there and you eat Monday's for lunch.

What would YOU do to fix or prevent a Manic Mediocre Unmotivated Monday?

Thanks for reading,

Ms. Reed 

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